"Reface In" -

Can Remodel your

Kitchen Cabinets ?



"Reface In" - Your Kitchen Cabinets is cost effective!

We changes the faces of your cabinets and replace the doors and drawer faces and you have a new kitchen!

We can reface for a fraction of the cost of new cabinetry

Your kitchen remodel will add value to your home



We offer FULL FACE FRAME Replacement. This the way to avoid "Veneer Lifts" which our competiton has to deal with. How many have experienced the formica edge that pulls loose, then is taped to keep it from being ripped off, but one day gets torn off. The same can happen to a "Thin Veneer" Refaced Cabinet. Ours will hold up because it's SOLID WOOD!

As far as we are concerned, there is no competition on Refacing Kitchen Cabinets using our "Full Face Frame Replacement Method of Refacing"!Kitchen Cabinet Face Frames TRIMPAK

Most Cabinets look like this even after a Reface... We Can Turn This...Bottom of Upper CAbinets Refacing
To This..... We Capped the Bottoms of the Upper Cabinets and matched the colors to the rest of the cabinets.Capped upper cabinets refacing

We do offer Standard Refacing ( with Veneer) to be competetive, BUT , We Do Not Recommend it!

Reface In Cabinets

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